martes, abril 01, 2014

Confident Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper

Don't do it to me
Don't do it to me
Oh no no, oh no no (x4)

Justin Bieber:

Focused, I'm focused
She got a body like that I ain't never seen nothing like that
Like a fantasy in front of me
I think that something special is going down
That's right I think she foreign
I think she foreign, got passports
Mi amor, started slow, got faster
She gon' work some more, work some more
No stopping her now, no stopping her now

Then she started dancing, sexual romancing
Nasty but she fancy
Lipstick on my satin sheets
What's your nationality?
I wonder if there's more of you
She's got my attention, she's confident

Oh no no, oh no no
She's confident
Oh no no, oh no no
And I'm down with it
Oh no no, oh no no
She's confident
You could tell by the way she walks in the room


Chance the Rapper:
Tattoos, piercings and she just learned to twerk
She ain't got a heart or a ass, just her brains
Gotta ask cause her ass on a learning curve
And she love to hurn the berb, I mean burn the word
That's only legal with a doctors note
Real deep pockets like a doctors coat
Stay fitted like Diddy, hair back tryna rock the boat
She the first mate wanna rock the boat
She never forget to ride like a bicycle
She like planes, trains, chains with icicles
It goes her, blank, blank, and rock & roll
She says, "I know, honey bunny that's a funny thing".
Watch her twerk for a goodfella
She money dance with the money team


Vídeo oficial de Confident - Justin Bieber

Canción enviada por Sonia Domingo:

La nueva canción de Justin Bieber, confident. Cada vez que la escucho se me ponen los pelos de punta.

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2 comentarios:

Pi Martin dijo...

No me puede gustar más Justin!!!!! Le quiero!! Escucharía todas sus canciones 1 y 1000 veces!!!

Rosin dijo...

Podrías poner, por favor, la canción de Lily Allen Who'd Have known?

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